What is new with LwM2M 1.2?

LwM2M 1.2 is the very latest version of the standard and will be published in October 2020. It introduces the following additional features:

  • Additional transports for LwM2M; this allows LwM2M messaging to be conveyed over MQTT and over HTTP
  • Optimizations for the bootstrapping and registration interface; this further reduces the amount of data and the number of messages transmitted
  • Optimizations for the information reporting interface; observation attributes may now be included in an Observe operation
  • Support for LwM2M gateway functionality; this allows non-LwM2M IoT devices as well as LwM2M devices behind a gateway to be connected to the LwM2M ecosystem and to manage those devices remotely
  • New, highly optimized encoding format called LwM2M CBOR
  • Enhanced functionality for firmware updates
  • Definition of new notification attributes (edge, confirmable notification, and maximum historical queue). Edge allows notifications to be triggered on rising and falling edges. Confirmable notifications allow the control of reliable transmissions of notifications. Maximum historical queue allows the control of time-series data usage.
  • Updates to use the latest communication security protocols based on TLS and DTLS 1.3 (as well as the use of the Connection ID) and related configuration
  • New Object for 5G New Radio (5G-NR) related device configuration