At IOTECC, we help our clients with the creation and protection of patents. We support the technical aspects of patent development and we support litigations and validity actions. We are providing prior art research for standards related patents and are supporting our clients in their litigations with declarations, expert reports, fact and expert witnesses.

The scope of our work is not limited to IoT-patents but covers a wide range of telecommunications technologies such as the ones defined by 3GPP, ETSI, OMA and other organisations. Additionally, we are offering experienced experts for Blockchain, DRM (Digital Rights Management), IT security and V2X (vehicle to everything communication).

In brief, we offer:

  • independent consultants advising on mobile technology, IoT, Blockchain, DRM, IT security, V2X  and related IP
  • prior art research, patent infringement analysis, advice on standards working procedures and IPR policy
  • consultants and wireless expert witnesses for patent infringement and validity actions
  • supporting litigations and validity actions in Germany, US and other countries