IOTECC helps clients in understanding and shaping IoT standards, and leverage such standards for innovative products and services. We offer more than 20 years of experience in active standardisation participation across 3GPP, ETSI, OMA, oneM2M, IETF, MPEG and GSMA. 

For us, one of the most important standards in the IoT space is OMA Lightweight M2M ("LwM2M"). LwM2M is offering crucial elements for the any IoT application: device management and service enablement.

Light Weight M2M

We are offering tutorials and consulting services around LwM2M. Friedhelm Rodermund, founder of IOTECC, has been heavily engaged in the creation of LwM2M from its outset. IOTECC is a member of OMASpecWorks and is further influencing the ongoing evolution of the LwM2M standard. 

What is LwM2M?

  • Open IoT standard from OMASpecWorks (formerly known as Open Mobile Alliance)
  • Device Management: firmware updates, remote configuration and troubleshooting
  • Service Enablement: sensor and meter readings, remote asset control
  • Highly efficient protocol: reduced traffic and power consumption, small CPU/memory footprint
  • Usage examples: smart city, water and energy metering, automotive, transport e.g. cargo railways and shipping container tracking, agriculture e.g. sensors monitoring and optimzing irrigation fertilization, robotics, drones, manufacturing, smartphones

LwM2M intro

Why should I use it?

  • "Horizontal" standard for any industry and application defining the common language between devices and IoT platforms
  • Transport agnostic: 2G-5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, WiFi, LoRaWAN, mesh, ..
  • Made for both constrained (incl. battery driven) and powerful IoT devices
  • Interoperability
  • Security by design
  • Widespread chipset, device and platform support
  • Developer friendly: easy-to-expand data model
  • Open source and commercial software stacks available
  • LwM2M is 5G-ready: enabling configuration of 5G IoT devices

We offer:

LwM2M Tutorials

We offer you a tutorial explaining the fundamentals and benefits of LwM2M. The tutorial may be tailored according to your needs e.g. the industry your are in and the level of technical detail you wish to learn about. Of course, an initial discussion about how to accomplish your use cases and applications with LwM2M would be included. The tutorial may be held on-premises or on-line, and may include the following topics:

1) LwM2M protocol

2) LwM2M data model

3) Overview LwM2M Objects for device management and asset control

4) LwM2M security

5) LwM2M 1.2 new features and outlook

6) LwM2M eco system

7) Solving your use cases with LwM2M

LwM2M Consulting

We support you with the development of your LWM2M-based IoT-products and services.

This includes advising you on the selection of features from the LwM2M “tool box” and designing the LwM2M message flows starting from initial deployment to production, e.g. reading sensor data and controlling assets. Furthermore, we develop for you the required extensions to the data model (“LwM2M Objects”). 

Last but not least we keep you up to date with latest LwM2M developments and can help you with any feedback or contributions you may have towards the standards community.

Please contact us for further questions.